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Welcome to Toca Life: antiques, in which this series run! What is your pet like? Furry and fast? A tiny bit creepy? With over 120 creatures, Toca Life: Pets has.


PET PARK: Enjoy the Amazing outdoors with all the pets! Take a dip into the river, then have a picnic on the grass, find a hidden cave or play a match. Or build an agility course to train your pets and test their own skills. Poke around a little, investigate the tree -- you could find some surprises to broaden your family!

PET HOTEL families go on trips without their pets, however as a result of this hotel, pets receive a holiday of their own! With lots of area, a backyard and cozy spaces, each pet will find a spot relax or to play -- cat or dog, bird or sloth-bat!

VETERINARY: The vet help pets remain like that and will help pets that are sick feel better! You'll find the tools necessary to operate on pets, drops and pills. Pets wait to the beds until the vet is prepared to see them or can play outside.

PET SHOP all you need for to groom, feed, and play with and care for the pets at the shop. After shopping, grab a bite to eat in the shop cafe, in which a table is got by pets also!

BREEDER'S BUNGALOW: Here's their day where the breeder begins and ends. The bungalow isalso, of course, filled with pets -- playing in the lawn and hiding in the greenhouse and splashing in mud. Don't worry, the giant bathtub will get everybody clean!

- Role-play in five places park hotel pet store and puppy's bungalow.
- Meet 23 characters.
- Play with and care for 124 fantasy and real animals.
- Bathe get them clean also pets!
- regarded as a vet and care for ill and injured pets.
- Dress your pets in fun hats hats on hats on hats!
- Pets can feces and urine!
- Maintain distances by cleaning up all of the poop that is pet clean!
- Poop is also stackable! Stack the poop high, tote it up and drop!
- Construct an agility course let them get the practice they want and to train animals.
- Pull the branch from the puppy park to discover a surprise!
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